Apple replaces pistol emoji with water gun in latest operating system

Posted August 05, 2016

With the launch of iOS 10 later this year, Apple has arranged with Unicode to release 100 new emojis, including a novel way to replace the troublesome gun emoji. The flag joins a lineup that includes more female athletes and professionals as well as images for single-parent families.

The new collection includes female cyclists, female surfers, female construction-workers and more in a variety of skin tones, highlighting the diversity of women's hobbies and roles in the workplace. A group called New Yorkers Against Gun Violence also started a campaign past year to have Apple replace the pistol emoji, though Google, Facebook, and Twitter all use realist pistol emoji too.

Considering gun violence has been such a big issue recently, the gun emoji has also been changed to a water gun, which is a very tasteful change.

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According to CNN Money, this isn't the first decision they've had to make regarding weapon icons. Well, if you like your pistol emoji you'll really want to avoid the next upgrade.

In France, a court sentenced a man to three months in prison for texting the pistol emoji to his ex-girlfriend after ruling the character could constitute a death threat.

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Google says 90% of the world's online population use emojis and giving people more options to express themselves is a good thing. When Hamilton isn't removing muskets from their Broadway shows to avoid offense, Apple is turning pistols into squirt guns.

In June the company successfully lobbied Unicode to not have a rifle emoji included.

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