US Responsible for Handling North Korean Nuclear Crisis - Beijing

Posted September 13, 2016

Severe flooding in a North Korean border region has killed at least 133 people with hundreds more missing, according to the United Nations, which said the scale of the disaster was "beyond anything experienced" by local officials.

North Korea is capable of detonating another nuclear device anytime at one of its unused tunnels at the country's main atomic test site, Seoul official said Monday, three days after the country carried out its fifth bomb explosion.

As the worldwide community looks for new ways to punish North Korea for its latest nuclear test, one area is emerging as the next front to apply pressure: North Korea's practice of sending workers overseas to earn money for the regime. The leaders exchanged state visits to each other's capitals in 2013 and 2014, despite the fact that Xi has not yet granted a meeting with Kim Jong-un. South Korea's cooperation with the United States on the system implicates Seoul in what China views as a US subplot to establish a regional anti-missile system, enhance USA capabilities against Chinese strategic weapons, and undermine the overall strategic equilibrium in Asia. Regional disarmament-for-aid talks on the North's nuclear ambitions have not been held since late 2008.

It still remains to be seen whether North Korea's public announcement of these floods had an intended effect on the global community.

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For more than seven years, President Barack Obama has sought to find a middle ground, adopting a policy of gradually escalating sanctions that the White House once called "strategic patience".

Yes, really. According to the Korea Times, South Korea plans to blast K-pop girl bands through its loudspeakers directed over the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and the North Korean border.

The North Korean regime is nearly uniquely very bad, but the strategic logic would be exactly the same if it were run by much nicer people.

"If previous tests were conducted with the goal of acquiring the nuclear bomb, the newest test shows that the North finally owns a real, weaponized nuclear bomb", Kim said. An EEZ isn't sovereign territory, not quite, but the North Korean test shot amounts to a calculated provocation.

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As such, Beijing-virtually Pyongyang's only trading partner-has implemented some of the measures specified, but seems to be frequently exercising that significant loophole regarding coal.

North Korean state officials have also bragged about their newfound ability to equip ballistic rockets with nuclear warheads, though it is not clear if those claims have been verified.

The decision by the United States and South Korea to deploy THAAD in South Korea is a outcome of the collective failure to constrain Pyongyang's nuclear ambitions, which threaten all countries in the region, including most certainly China. "There needs to be an additional bill to secure the right to information for North Korean residents and we must work together again to prepare for such a bill".

"The fundamental reason for not cutting oil is they don't want to sacrifice the buffer zone, and they also know if they cut off the oil supply it will not force Kim Jong Un to surrender his weapons", Shi said.

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China's Hua said the North Korean nuclear issue can only be resolved through "dialogue and consultation". "Clearly this makes Japan more dependent on the USA nuclear umbrella, but the thing is, how reliable is that umbrella?" "There could easily be 200,000 North Koreans who now have a different, positive view of South Korea".