TSA Introduces 'More Rigorous' Pat-Down Procedure

Posted March 09, 2017

It's unclear how many people per year test positive for explosives, and the agency doesn't track how many passengers receive pat downs, but about 2 million people pass through USA airports daily.

The pat-down change, first reported Friday by Bloomberg News, is "intended to reduce the cognitive burden on [employees] who previously had to choose from various pat-down procedures depending on the type of screening lane", ACI-NA wrote in its notice.

While they won't give specific details as to what the changes actually are, they are telling passengers to gird their loins for more intrusive screenings-and alerting local law enforcement to prepare for a host of claims stemming from its new pat-down. In fact, the TSA chose to inform local police just in case anyone calls to report an "abnormal" federal frisking, according to a memo from an airport trade association obtained by Bloomberg News.

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Getting "more involved" with TSA agents isn't very high on most travelers' wish lists, but the TSA offers cold comfort by assuring us that the searches will be conducted by TSA officers of the same sex as the person being searched.

Passengers have the right to request a private pat-down screening and ask to be accompanied by a companion of their choice. "And they don't have to try to make a judgment call as to which one to use", said Jeff Price, security expert.

A random pat down may include inspection of the head, neck, arms, torso, legs and feet.

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Those automatically subject to pat-downs can opt out of the technological screening, and the same goes for refusing to be screened by canines trained to sniff out explosives.

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration has declined to say exactly where-and how-employees will be touching air travelers as part of the more invasive physical pat-down procedure it recently ordered. As well as sensitive areas such as breasts, the groin and buttocks. A second Officer will always be present during private screening.

During a routine check, everything goes into a box for x-ray screening - which means metal detectors and high-tech scanners that see through clothing. In the middle of an airport security check with everyone staring at you is the most uncomfortable. Report back to us with your findings.

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