Google buys Kaggle and prepares to dominate AI

Posted March 10, 2017

While Google Cloud still trails behind Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services in total market share, 451 Research has found that Google Cloud business has almost doubled from 2016 to the present.

It came in the middle of Schmidt's keynote - essentially a sales pitch to attendees telling them why they need to hurry up and move all their data and systems to Google's cloud services. It sits outside of their storage layer and allows the company to more effectively triage their customer service requests, Nelson said. "Cloud is no longer just where people store things, or for a startup or sharing files", said Greene. "It's changing how people architect their information and use their data".

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It also ensures visibility by offering single pane of glass security management for public and private cloud, and an easy-to-use single click template ensures that deploying the security is quick and simple. The company is making an "extraordinarily big bet" on Google Cloud, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said.

The partnership will help Google to address an elevated demand for customer assistance, as the adoption of the Google Cloud Platform has increased dramatically over the past year. "We believe an ecosystem built on this foundation will help drive not only Google's success and that of our partners, but help customers transform their businesses in the cloud and build what's next". "This is an incredibly serious mission". It's safe to say that very few big companies can keep up with that. "Disruption is real... Our retailers, whether they like it or not, are under fire from other global organizations, but data is their intellectual property and we are going to give them the ability to make the most of their data". For example, eBay chief product officer R.J. Pittman announced that the company's new chatbot - called Shopbot - which can be accessed through Google Home and can understand natural language and learn the shopping habits of the user, eventually being able to offer such services as recommendations. Google Cloud Dataprep embeds Trifacta's intelligent, user-friendly interface and Photon Compute Framework, and natively integrates Google Cloud Dataflow for serverless, auto-scaling execution of data preparation recipes with record performance and optimal resource utilization.

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During the company's Cloud Next event in San Francisco Wednesday, Google unveiled its new Cloud Video Intelligence API.

Technology giant Google has announced the acquisition of Kaggle, a start-up that hosts a number of data scientists, for an undisclosed amount at the Cloud Next 2017 conference.

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"Running in multiple jurisdictions was also important to us as our clients have the largest retailers in the world, so if our sites go down for an hour there are millions of dollars of lost revenue", he said.