Sales Of Ivanka Trump Products Surged Last Month

Posted March 12, 2017

We're not saying Conway's very possibly illegal public endorsement worked-it made a lot of people upset-but last month, Ivanka's brand sales were up.

President Trump's longtime attorney Michael Cohen said Friday that the sales data shows there is a clear victor in the Nordstrom v. Ivanka Trump debacle.

Neiman Marcus joined Nordstrom earlier this year in cutting ties with Ivanka Trump, yanking her items off the shelves.

Abigail Klem, president of the Ivanka Trump brand, said in a statement that "the beginning of February" shows "the best performing weeks in the history of the brand".

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Online sales of Ivanka Trump's clothing line skyrocketed in February, following the inauguration of her father, Donald Trump, as President of the United States, according to a report by fashion business site Refinary29.

In January, for instance, the first daughter's fashion line ranked No. 550 based on the number of orders from Lyst, the biggest fashion e-commerce website in the world, according to Forbes.

"For several different retailers, Ivanka Trump was a top performer online, and in some of the categories it was the best performance ever", Klem said. It's a surge from its performance in January, in which it dropped 26 percent in its online sales. Amazon has reportedly replaced Nordstrom, which previously dropped the brand, as the largest seller of Ivanka products. "To see such an extreme spike in one month is completely unheard of and came as a huge surprise to us". For instance, interest in pantsuits went up by 460 percent past year because of Hillary Clinton's affinity for the style, she said.

Comparing the share price and sales figures is not indicative of much.

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The label's sales also jumped 148 percent at and 29.5 percent at, which is owned by Macy's. Tanner said Lyst had "never seen such a large uptick", and that the Ivanka Trump brand is typically not among the top 100 brands in terms of sales.

"We actually feel super optimistic because, I think, one, a lot of people support Ivanka, even across both political parties". According to, the boycott started October 11, 2016 in the wake of the Trump Tapes when a brand strategist realised that he can no longer in good conscience, shop at retailers that do business with the first family.

Since February 2017, #nordstrom stock increases 7% while @IvankaTrump clothing line increases over 300%. "I bought this without knowing what it smelt like, and I didn't care!"

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