Kris Bryant's father criticizes conduct of LaVar Ball

Posted March 31, 2017

I also do not understand what LaVar Ball thinks he is doing in these sound bites. So, the fact that LaVar is present in his sons' lives and is supportive of whatever endeavor they pursue is something I can respect and even admire.

These types of expectations, which are common for early-first rounders-though are perhaps even higher for Lonzo-can be looked at as a microcosm of fans' and executives' perceptions of one-and-done players. The 6-foot-6 Ball is seen as a sublime pure point guard and floor general, who led the nation with 7.6 assists per game and propelled the Bruins to a 31-5 record, a 16-win improvement over last season.

Now his skills on the court are on display, after the YouTube page of The Hoops Column unearthed a video of Ball playing in a men's league in Chino Hills, Calif. "I mean that in a sympathetic/empathetic way".

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Ball will be on ESPN's First Take tomorrow, surely babbling some more about how great of a player he is.

LaVar Ball is the proud father of three basketball players, including Lonzo Ball, who are considered to be of the highest talent in the country.

LaVar Ball has never met a microphone he didn't feel the need to speak into. The elder Ball has said his son is better than Stephen Curry, he could beat Michael Jordan in a game of one-on-one and wants his three sons to get a billion dollar shoe deal.

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"I want him to be a Laker". For the most part, they've been harmless, obvious attempts to drum up publicity and notoriety for the Ball family and subsequently the Ball merchandise wing, Big Ballers Brand.

LaVar Ball hasn't only been criticized for his mouth. However, after Ball told USA Today that he would "kill Michael Jordan 1-on-1" (NBA2K also made a simulation for that scenario), every National Basketball Association fan in the world wants Ball to show us that he's good.

The Kotite-led Jets were willing to take chances on unheralded players - ever hear of Wayne Chrebet? - but apparently didn't see the same potential in Ball, who was released.

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"AAU coaches just let their players do anything instead of teach them and train them". He better make every shot 'cause he can't go around me. Lonzo had 10 points and eight rebounds in the loss. As one general manager put it, and many other executives confirmed in various forms when consulted on the matter, "No one's paying attention to Ball's father".