Trump's Syria Strike Is Latest Sign of Steve Bannon's Waning Influence

Posted April 08, 2017

To minimize potential conflicts of interest in the future, Ms. Trump had transferred her brand's assets into a trust taken care by her brother-in-law, Josh Kushner, and sister-in-law, Nicole Meyer.

While H.R. McMaster, the national security adviser, has been working for weeks to find a way to rid the White House foreign policy operation of Bannon, it was ultimately Kushner's influence that led to Bannon's departure from the panel, sources said. The bulk of this income comes from his private consulting firm, Bannon Strategic Advisors Inc. Cohn is valued at up to $611 million thanks to his former role as the No. 2 Executive of Goldman Sachs, according to The New York Times.

Administration officials say these "false narratives" - which they say are driven by White House outsiders - make it more hard to govern and dominate the news cycle at the expense of President Trump's political victories. The odds are that both Bannon and Priebus are on their way out.

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Bannon - whose political capital has diminished since the disastrous rollout of his anti-Muslim travel ban - dismissed reports that he threatened to leave the White House as "total nonsense".

Tiffany arrived to the nation's capital on Wednesday afternoon after flying down from New York City with half-brother Eric and his wife, Lara.

According to insiders, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Trump's economic adviser Gary Cohn, a close ally of Kushner, are being considered to replace Priebus. Being married to Ivanka might protect him-it seems clear that Kushner thinks it will. It seemed that their odd alliance would continue in the White House. Kushner now has an "interim" security clearance.

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The Wall Street Journal followed with a story that said Trump is frustrated by infighting among his staff and could reassign Bannon and Priebus.

President Trump has never taken accountability before, so one shouldn't expect him to start now. "They went through the scenario of the tape, why it was harassment, and why it's something you should report", an employee at the workshop told The Hollywood Reporter.

"[Steve] recently vented to us about Jared being a "globalist" and a 'cuck'He actually said 'cuck, ' as in "cuckservative, '" said anotheradministration official, also wishing to remain anonymous".

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Kushner and Steve Bannon were close. Steve has a very specific vision for what he believes, and what he shares with Trump. "And he has for a long time now seen [Jared] as a major obstacle to achieving that".