Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino: Will anyone over 13 drink this?

Posted April 20, 2017

I think this drink should stay rare, like the unicorn itself.

The company's press release says the drink starts out purple with "a first taste that is sweet and fruity". The more you stir it, the more the beverage turns into a pink color with tangy and tart flavors.

The more you swirl, the more the colors and flavors of the beverage will transform, according to Starbucks.

Available at participating locations for five days starting today, the launch of the flavor and color-changing Unicorn Frappuccino suggests that perhaps we long for a little magic in our world.

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The cold drink is made with pink powder blended into Frappuccino Crème, flavored with mango syrup and a layer of blue drizzle.

While at first it reminded him of a mango smoothie, he ultimately found it too sweet but recommends it for any kid who loves sour candy. A similar promotional Starbucks drink, the Pokemon GO Frappuccino, had 48 grams of sugar and 7 grams of saturated fat in a tall beverage.

"The elusive unicorn from medieval legend has been making a comeback", the company said.

And Twitter user "Mair" wrote: "Gutted that the Starbucks unicorn frappucino is a USA only thing, they look so cool:ccccc". Known for its quirky blended drinks, the coffee shop takes the trend of shimmering unicorn-themed drinks to a new level.

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Snacktaku's Mike Fahey, whose wife has worked at Starbucks for over a decade, said Monday that he expected the drink to taste like a sour berry situation, based on its purple, pink and blue hue.

This Metro editor had a chance to try a Unicorn Frap one day early. Plus, is it possible to make a drink that is all about aesthetics taste good? Gen Z, a group that grew up with social media, is poised to surpass the millennial generation in size, and may be more influential than their slightly older peers.

The coffee giant plans to sell the drinks in the US, Mexico and Canada between 19 April and 23 April.

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