Vinyl junkies mark fourth Record Store Day

Posted April 23, 2017

With the minor explosion in vinyl music labels started to make new release vinyl again alongside CDs, he said.

Laverne said: "The 10 anniversary of Record Store Day is going to be a hugely special day, and I'm so pleased to be marking the occasion in Huddersfield at one of the most iconic record stores with some of the most talented people in the industry".

The day is distinguished by the sale of special releases, unique to record stores, and Gordon, who has more than 500 this year, said: "All these awesome, very limited releases come out".

Saturday April 22 begins the second decade of Record Store Day, an event celebrating the independent record store. Many stores may also choose to hold special events such as live music and food to further make the day a celebration. With such a vibrant music scene in the area, this event adds to the bubbling fountains of creativity. "I mean, with the first one, we didn't even really know what they were trying to do; it's wonderful to remember that when this first started, there were like fifteen 7-inches and now there's like 3,000 releases".

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"We have an ordering system where if we don't have something that somebody wants we can get it in". After a chain tried to unify a bunch of record stores in the early 2000s and went belly up, Crain bought the store in 2002 and has enjoyed the rising interest in records ever since.

To help you manage your options, we've built an interactive map where each store's clickable "pin" includes details about in-stores, discounts, and other specials-the same details that appear in the alphabetized entries below.

"It's a good way to recognize independent mom and pop stores", Bernath said. The stations will post their playlists consisting of vinyl record hits and pictures of their vinyl collections using the hashtag #vinylthon on different social media platforms.

"Do you know about National Record Store Day?". It has more to do with people snatching up copies of these records knowing that in three to five years.

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"Without Record Store Day I don't think we'd be here", said Mr McLean. "A lot of people got involved - McCartney got involved, Metallica - big names", Burke said.

In addition to offering many exclusive Record Store Day releases, Matone has assembled a variety of merchandise for customers to peruse.

Chris Brown poses with and an orange vinyl recording of "Stories for Ways and Means" and Slick Rick's "The Great Adventures of Slick Rick", a 7-inch single packaged in a board book, at Bull Moose Music in Portland, Maine on April 14. For instance, the record could only be sold on Record Store Day.

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