Waze Now Lets Users Record Their Own Voice For Directions On Android

Posted May 10, 2017

Also, you can't share the voice recordings just yet so your personal turn-by-turn navigation will only be in your Waze account. And, it looks like I've just got a chance to prove myself with Waze. From here, tap on "Sound and Voice", and proceed to record the basic navigation phrases. Assuming the likes of Morgan Freeman and Homer Simpson weren't good enough, Waze has a new feature that enables users to use their own voice for navigation instructions.

Waze updated w/ new voice recorder feature for recording your own turn-by-turn audio
You can now record your own voice in Waze – here's how

Once you turn it on, you will have to record yourself saying around 39 standard generic Waze phrases like "All set let's go!" to "Keep left" or "Turn right", and up to "You've arrived".

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However, this new feature of Waze comes with a major drawback. Then how we can say this feature is useful? While the potential uses for localization (and pranks) is almost limitless, the feature is now can't be shared. Who knows, maybe in the future Waze will allow users to share voice packs. Currently, the voice recordings are available only to you and can not be shared with other users.

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Of course, it's nothing new that Waze is bringing a diverse voice to its app.as it continues to make its navigation services more of a social, trendy experience, Terry Crews, Keith Morrison, and Mister T, all of them lent their voices to the cause.

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