UK's Labour Party stung by early leak of election platform

Posted May 11, 2017

A cameraman's foot was run over by a auto carrying Jeremy Corbyn to a meeting to agree Labour's election manifesto. Jeremy Corbyn's plans to unleash chaos on Britain have been revealed.

In the draft manifesto, Labour said it would reform corporate governance, rein in "boardroom excess" by setting a 20:1 limit on the ratio between the lowest and highest paid in companies with government contracts and protect small businesses.

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Ms Barker and Jeremy Corbyn arrive at the campaign rally where the student served as the warm up act for the Labour leader
Ms Barker and Jeremy Corbyn arrive at the campaign rally where the student served as the warm up act for the Labour leader

Mr Brown repeatedly spoke of getting "advocates" and "champions" for the region in the Commons.

"But as Geoffrey (Robinson, former Coventry MP) has just said, we don't know what her hand is - she is not telling us what her hand is in these negotiations".

"And it is to be at the cost of manufacturing and the cost of the vehicle industry and the cost of jobs if we are not told what we are voting for on June 8".

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Next the implementation. On another day when Mr Corbyn tried, manfully, to get on the front foot, there were reports that dozens of MPs could resign the Labour whip in Parliament, and sit as a "progressives" group, in an effort to force their leader to step down.

The BBC cameraman was hurt as Mr Corbyn's auto drove in through a side entrance to the Institution of Engineering and Technology in Savoy Place in central London.

Ambulances had to rush Wooltorton to hospital, and Scotland Yard - which supplied Corbyn with the driver - is to be investigated.

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The final version will form the foundation of Labour's bid to win over voters in the June 8 general election.

According to a leaked copy of its draft manifesto, Labour, under its leader Jeremy Corbyn, will return to policies echoing those of three decades ago, promising to hike taxes on Britain's highest earners and companies to fund education and health.

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