Trump suggests he might drop daily press briefings

Posted May 14, 2017

Sanders said Thursday that Trump would "love nothing more for this investigation to continue to its completion".

The Trump administration has offered several accounts of how Comey's firing went down. And thus it was that Spicer eventually found himself standing "between two tall hedges", according to the Post, facing a small but persistent group of journalists, giving them vague and not at all satisfactory answers to the onslaught of questions.

Comey has come under intense scrutiny in recent months for his role in an investigation into Democrat Hillary Clinton's email practices, including a pair of letters he sent to Congress on the matter in the closing days of last year's election - a move which was initially praised by Donald Trump. "I think it's a good idea", Trump told Fox News in an interview.

Later, the president and his advisers said Mr Trump had planned to fire Mr Comey since taking office.

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The White House has faced harsh criticism since Comey's abrupt firing Tuesday for its changing narratives about the firing.

At the end of a long day, only the dim lights from reporters' cellphones lit the scene as the White House press secretary spoke, largely in the dark.

The White House first said this week that Trump sacked Comey because of a negative memo about him from the Justice Department, only to have the president later say he made the decision before seeing the memo, resulting in considerable media discussion.

"The President reiterated his confidence in his press team earlier today", he told CNNMoney.

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Earlier Friday, Trump tweeted that "it is not possible for my surrogates to stand at podium with flawless accuracy" and that "the best thing to do" might be to cancel future press briefings in favor of hand-written responses.

Spicer said earlier Friday that he occasionally struggles to huddle with Trump during the president's "very robust schedule".

"I have heard that directly from him that information was relayed directly to him from Director Comey", said Sanders, who declined to provide further details. "Doing away with briefings would reduce accountability, transparency, and the opportunity for Americans to see that, in the USA system, no political figure is above being questioned".

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