Josh Earnest: I'm 'Sympathetic' to Sean Spicer

Posted May 15, 2017

One of the weirdest details about the chaos roiling the White House in the aftermath of James Comey's firing Tuesday night was Press Secretary Sean Spicer speaking to reporters in "near darkness" after spending "several minutes hidden in the bushes". Some politicians from both sides of the aisle are calling for a special prosecutor.

But the stories about Sean Spicer, bushes, and his staff got stranger when the Washington Post threw some serious but subtle shade in the direction of Spicer and the White House by posting a correction to a story they wrote about Sean Spicer hiding behind the bushes. Trump is innocent. How do we know?

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Falwell stressed at the time that he was speaking for himself and not for the university. But the future belongs to the dreamers, not to the critics ...

Moreover, The New York Times reported that Trump has also become "increasingly dissatisfied" with the performance of his chief of staff Reince Priebus as well as communications director Michael Dubke. The source said Spicer returned to the White House Wednesday night, and likely will again on Thursday. When you can't say no because the answer's yes but you can't say yes because it's too damaging, do your best to say nothing.

Trump's confidants have reportedly been pointing out to him that his approval ratings are not seeing any improvement - as of Saturday, the president has a 56% disapproval rating and a 39% approval rating, according to Gallup. "A disaster", said another, who added that the president himself thought it was "handled poorly".

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"I just found it one of the most astonishing weeks I've ever covered in this town", he added. "We'll take care of this". Business conflicts of interest, tax returns, secret Comey tapes, the Russian Federation probe - all we need is control of the committees and subpoena power and we'll put Trump through the wringer. You want to create this false narrative.

She joined the Trump campaign in February 2016, after her father, whose presidential campaign she had helped manage, dropped out of the race.

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Might not do much to motivate independents, though. However, Trump refuted that saying the decision to remove Comey was exclusively made by him and would have done so irrespective of the recommendation. This is good fodder for party loyalists on both sides but the mass of more apolitical voters doesn't seem to be tilting hard one way or the other.