The Best Donald Trump and Sean Spicer Moments from 'Saturday Night Live'

Posted May 15, 2017

NBC continues to reap the benefits of Saturday Night Live's sterling year.

The faux Trump acknowledged he fired FBI Director James Comey because of his investigation into ties between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation, only for Holt to learn that "absolutely nothing matters" when it comes to this president.

If the rumors are true and Trump plans to give Spicer the boot, our press secretary will join the ranks of former FBI Director James Comey, former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates and former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, among others. Baldwin's Trump insisted that it had less to do with the economy and more about sex with the First Lady.

Last night the standup comic, whose deadpan delivery has so far been kept to "Weekend Update", revealed an impressive Lester Holt impression during the cold open of last night's Saturday Night Live-the season's penultimate episode-with host Melissa McCarthy.

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After explaining Comey's firing with Russian dolls, McCarthy-as-Spicer flew into a rage, throwing a pillar into the crowd when asked whether he was surprised that Trump didn't fire him before Comey.

Let's just say things got a bit awkward.

Finally, Thrush asked the most important question regarding Spicer's credibility: "What if Trump is lying to you?". Laughing at the real-life absurdities beats crying.

All while Melissa McCarthy could be seen dressed as Spicer, watching the proceedings from some bushes. Even the point blank statement wasn't enough for Holt to yell, "Got him!" though, because "nothing matters anymore". "Trump" responded by asking "Spicer" to kiss him, to which he responded, "I can't - I have a wife and took vows".

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He rolls through Manhattan traffic via motorized podium, promising to "talk better". When Spicer finally finds Alec Baldwin as Trump - not in NY but at a golf course in New Jersey - it ends with a massive makeout session between the two.

Next the SNL writers took full advantage of McCarthy's comedic talents in a silly game show sketch called "Just Desserts". McCarthy asks Baldwin, who is playing the president in the sketch.

The press corps began to ask Sanders if she would stay and always do their briefings before Spicer interrupted by spraying a fire extinguisher at the reporters. "I'm famous, it's okay".

"That's right - Spicey is back, Sarah is out", shouts McCarthy's Spicer.

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"Is this like "The Godfather" when you kiss me and no one ever sees me again?"