Funny Star Wars Day Tweets from a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Posted May 18, 2017

One of the earliest known references to the day followed the May 4, 1979, election of Margaret Thatcher as Britain's prime minister, according to a post on the official Star Wars website.

The Royals, knowing full well of the day's importance, tweeted that they will be giving away a "Star Wars" specific bobblehead featuring catcher Drew Butera on September 10.

In Taiwan's capital, fans took the day off from work to pose in costume for photographs at landmarks such as the Taipei 101 tower and the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall.

Motorcycling-Former MotoGP champion Hayden hit by car in Italy
MotoGP has said via their Twitter account that Hayden may be undergoing surgery at second hospital he was taken to. Hayden reportedly sustained head and chest injuries, and was taken to the hospital to undergo immediate treatment.

Star Wars mania is in full swing for Thursday's Star Wars Day. Plus, with Star Wars Day gaining more and more steam every year, who knows: we might end up with a national holiday in the future! May the force be with you!

The Lego Star Wars games were actually my first introduction to the galaxy far, far away.

We bet this rescue feline that has an uncanny resemblance to the man behind the Kylo Ren mask is having an out of this world Star Wars Day, and we hope you are too. There are even some discounts on Star Wars items in the Play Store itself, such as Return of the Jedi being $14.99 rather than $19.99.

North Korea's latest missile test may be a 'substantial advance'
North Korea's state news agency identified the weapon as a Hwasong-12 "medium long-range" ground-to-ground ballistic missile. President Donald Trump was briefed on the missile test, according to a statement the White House released late Saturday.

Government officials from various parts of the world, including Australia, Russia, Canada and the United Kingdom, also shared messages under the tagline May the Fourth be with you.

He stressed that arguably one of the smartest things George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars ever did was sign on for the merchandising rights of Star Wars back in 1977.

Xi pledges $174 billion for Silk Road plan
BRI calls for building ports, railways and other facilities in a huge swath of 65 countries, which has unnerved some governments. Chinese banks have set up 62 branches and offices in 26 countries along the BRI routes in the past four years, he said.