Session on verge of collapse as Florida GOP leaders feud

Posted June 10, 2017

Back in town this week for a three-day special session originally focused on funding for education and economic development, lawmakers - under intense pressure to revisit the marijuana issue - scurried to iron out differences that blew up a deal during the regular session.

Florida legislators are back on a path to passing a bill for enacting the state's constitutional amendment expanding the use of medical marijuana.

Meanwhile, cities and counties are trying to hammer out how to implement medical marijuana policy locally, including such details as the number of dispensaries allowed for every number of potential patients, proximity to schools and other facilities where Our Nation's Youth could get corrupted should they catch a whiff of the devil's cabbage, etc.

The two chambers have agreed generally on a $100 boost in per-student spending since Gov. Rick Scott vetoed the state's K-12 budget last week.

Does Scott plan to sign the medical marijuana implementing bill?

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Senate President Joe Negron, R-Stuart, who was said to be hesitant over medical marijuana, said Bradley's bill demonstrated legislators' commitment to the will of Florida voters.

Bradley was the primary sponsor of the Senate's original legislation to regulate medical cannabis during this year's legislative session. Moments before the session ended, he even shook hands with House Speaker Richard Corcoran, who had clashed repeatedly with the governor the past few months.

Marijuana operators also could purchase dispensary "slots" from other vendors, meaning they could potentially exceed the 25-storefront cap.

The House on Friday voted 107-6 for a school funding measure.

In the House, the Appropriations Committee advanced legislation providing funding for Enterprise Florida, which provides incentives to businesses that want to move to or expand in Florida, and Visit Florida, which uses taxpayer money to promote tourism.

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"If we are going to treat this as a drug and this drug is a medicine, it needs to be administered in a form that will not cause further harm for patients", said Sen. And that he intends on "suing the state to allow smoke".

One of the most-talked about issues is one that's an 11th hour addition to the agenda - medical marijuana. A smoking ban had been a key point of debate during the regular session.

Morgan said the language in the amendment was meant to quash the specter of people smoking pot on the street.

Corcoran and House Republicans, who had earlier derisively called the state's existing programs under Scott as "corporate welfare" insisted that they had not flipped their stance because the money can not be paid to one company.

The governor then issued a proclamation to add the dike and higher education to the session. Who exactly was to blame for the demise of the legislation depended on which house of the Florida Legislature you were standing in and who you were talking to. He said the state money would allow the work to get started.

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