Lewis calls Floyd-McGregor August fight as 'ridiculous'

Posted June 21, 2017

There was some question as to whether the Las Vegas athletic commission would sanction a fighter with Mayweather's experience against McGregor making his boxing debut. Only Brock Lesnar's fight against Frank Mir in 2009 is sandwiched between those two. That's the real clincher, and true boxing fans are where the huge money is, as shown by the Mayweather Pacquiao fight.

"It's ridiculous to me", Lewis told USA sports broadcaster ESPN. At the time, the fighter told the office that he was entering the UFC and wasn't sure what was going to happen.

The bets on McGregor have been rather small, per Purdum.

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He's almost impossible to catch from seasoned boxers, much less a mixed martial arts UFC champion making his pro boxing debut. I think it's just about him figuring out where Mayweather is gonna be on said shot and then putting the appropriate shots to catch him. Floyd will make him miss so badly and I think Conor is going to get so frustrated that he'll let his hands drop and come with his mixed martial artist's power. On FS1's Undisputed on Monday (via TMZ Sports), Ice Cube said he'd allow Mayweather and McGregor to have the arena as long as their representatives "do what they're supposed to do and make us happy".

As boxing and UFC stars scramble to fight on the richest fight in history, Broner is the latest to offer his services.

And if there's one certainty about the mega-fight being hosted by MGM Grand on August 26, it's going to generate an obscene amount of dollars. "I think it'll take a couple of rounds", Rody added. Now I know there are many who may be criticizing the fact this fight is even taking place, and you may have an argument.

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The story of Conor McGregor is far from over.

On Tuesday morning, McGregor posted a seemingly ordinary training picture to his official Instagram account, showing the Irish UFC lightweight champion about to start hitting the heavy bag.

Mayweather-McGregor is expected to do astronomical numbers for revenue and television viewers, but its competitive value is questionable.

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Alvarez, 36, lost a majority decision to American Mayweather - now 40 - in 2013 and the Mexican says his fight with Triple G instead sees two fighters in their prime against each other.