Celtics won't trade top young players, picks for Paul George

Posted July 01, 2017

The Celtics, though, do not have a good read on whether George would be open to staying in Boston after next season.

According to Zach Lowe, the Celtics and Pacers are far apart in a deal revolving around Paul George.

The Celtics hope to lure Gordon Hayward away from the Jazz.

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Murphy also reported that the Pacers asked for quite a haul when dealing with the Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers in negotiations.

Himmelsbach added that it's unclear how close the teams are to completing a deal.

That could, in turn, prompt in to make a trade for him soon in order to ensure they are able to gain something in return even in losing George.

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IN has been focused on trying to complete a deal with Boston for George, league sources told The Vertical. IN is desirous of the young players and future draft picks that Boston is uniquely able to offer the Pacers for George. At this year's trade deadline, Boston approached IN about a George trade due to the team's underwhelming season and eventual departure of their star player.

Considering George might be seen as a one-year rental before he hits free agency next July, it's highly unlikely that IN will receive that much IN return. He has reportedly expressed a strong desire to play in his hometown of Los Angeles.

George is a four-time All-Star and one of the NBA's elite two-way players.

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