US House approves 2 bills toughening anti-immigrant measures

Posted July 01, 2017

Illegal immigrant crime became a central theme in candidate Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

The bill imposing harsher prison sentences on deportees who re-enter the United States is known as "Kate's Law".

The "No Sanctuary for Criminals Acts" means those states and cities will not receive federal grants as long as they "refuse to cooperate with law enforcement carrying out immigration enforcement activities".

The No Sanctuary for Criminals Act and Kate's Law both take strides to protect people from becoming victims of crimes committed by undocumented immigrants, according to GOP Rep. Martha Roby of Alabama.

"You lost people that you love because our government refused to enforce our nation's immigration laws and that's including the existing immigration laws", Trump told more than a dozen people gathered in the White House Cabinet Room. He also recounted many times the shooting death of young woman by a Mexican national with seven prior convictions who'd been deported five times - giving rise to Kate's Law, which calls for tougher penalties for convicted and deported criminals who re-enter the country.

Representative Mark Walker (R-N.C.) explained the bills after passage of Kate's Law from the House floor and encouraged his Democratic colleagues to support the legislation.

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Three of first lady Melania Trump's guests at the president's address to Congress in February were people who had family members killed by undocumented immigrants.

By both tradition and law, immigration and control of USA borders have always been a duty and obligation of the federal government - not states and cities.

The Fraternal Order of Police urged lawmakers to vote against the bill, saying it would strip communities of needed policing resources.

"When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best", Trump famously said in June 2015 as he announced his candidacy. Kate's Law went down to defeat in the Senate back in 2015.

Still, Democrats won't apply a full-court press as they whip against "Kate's Law", given the emotional forces underlying the Steinle tragedy and others like it. Those areas do, however, cooperate with ICE when immigrants are the subject of criminal warrants.

This weekend marks the two-year anniversary of Kate Steinle's horrific death, when she was randomly shot on a peer in the sanctuary city of San Fransisco, touching off a huge debate about the sanctuary policies in followed by more than 300 US cities that welcome and harbor criminal illegal aliens.

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It also requires that localities comply with Immigration and Customs Enforcement requests to detain suspects for extra time, since some jurisdictions now don't always cooperate.

A sit-in in New Haven in defense of local immigrants.

Democrats accused their colleagues of distorting the issue.

A survey of studies from the libertarian think tank the Cato Institute found that research drawn from census data "broadly concludes that immigrants are less crime prone than the native-born population".

President Trump will undoubtedly sign both bills, as they align with his campaign promises, but they face an uphill battle in the Senate where they'll need 60 votes to pass onto the president's desk for final approval. "They are about racial profiling and putting Latinos, quote unquote, in our place". The federal fiscal year begins October 1, so those arrests were made under both the Obama and Trump administrations.

"Trump's policy goals-deporting millions, banning refugees and Muslims, building walls and closing gates-will, if fully implemented, take a wrecking ball to the Statue of Liberty", Sharry concluded.

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He has ordered the construction of a wall on the southern border and prioritized funds in his budget to begin its construction.