White House male employees paid more than women

Posted July 04, 2017

That's below the national average-across the country, women typically make 82 cents to the dollar.

CNN found men working in the White House earned $104,000 on average compared to women taking in $83,500.

While the White House staff is comprised of 47 percent females and 53 percent males, the evenly-split staff still experiences a disparity, which is also due to the fact that women are employed in lower-ranking jobs.

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So far, the White House has not responded to CNN's request for a comment.

Trump released to Congress on Friday an annual report detailing his White House staff, their jobs and the salaries they earn.

The analysis by Roll Call also showed there are more male employees in the White House than women - approximately 200 men as compared to 174 women.

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White House staff is nearly evenly split among gender lines: 53 percent of the 359 regular employees are men, and 47 percent are women, CNN reported. Men earn about $106,000 a year, while women bring home roughly $73,000.

Last month, Mr Trump declared that Mr Cohn, who has assets valued at $252 million to $611 million, "went from massive pay days to peanuts".

But personnel in Trump's White House generally cost more than those in Obama's, with a median salary of $89,000 compared to the $73,051 earned by a White House staffer in 2016. And, by way of comparison, coverage of Obama's 2009 report listed 487 staffers in his first year.

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The news of the wider gender pay gap in Trump's White House comes as his administration considers disbanding Obama's White House Council on Women and Girls, responsible for monitoring the implementation of policy changes and liaising with women's groups, as reported by Politico.