New 'Doctor Who' star to be revealed Sunday

Posted July 15, 2017

It has always been known that his last show will be this year's special Christmas episode, at the end of which his Time Lord will "regenerate" into the "Thirteenth Doctor", who will be played by a new cast member.

The BBC has announced that fans will get the official reveal of the new Doctor Who, the 13th Doctor in the series, on Sunday, July 16 following the Wimbledon Men's Final. The news was revealed via a tweet showing the key to the TARDIS (The Doctor and time and space machine).

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The actor will succeed Peter Capaldi who took the role in 2013 and will leave in the 2017 Christmas special. Speculation has been tossed around for a few regenerations now that the next Doctor would be a woman, ranging back to when Billie Piper was up for the role of 11. It's already been established that Time Lords can do this, with The Doctor's adversary The Master becoming Missy. There have been rumors aplenty, with Fleabag star Phoebe Walker-Bridge being someone near the top of the list for much of the search - though sources close to her have also denied that such a casting is happening. Or it could just be another white male, and if the actor is good and the right fit for the part (as the last four actors to play it have been), then so be it. Fans will find out the answer to that question on Sunday.

Doctor Who first aired in 1963.

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Since the series returned in 2006, four actors have taken on the titular role including Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith, and Capaldi. For the last three seasons, we've been given the chance to look at a more grizzled Doctor.

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