HTC Teases Standalone Vive VR Headset for China

Posted July 28, 2017

HTC says the headset is created to deliver an "outstanding VR experience" with the manufacturer classifying the device as premium.

Like the model it is now creating with Google, a second Vive headset is being built that will not require a separate smartphone or PC to run. We've reached out to HTC for clarification and will update with any new information.

What does the standalone HTC Vive headset look like?

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Google announced at Google I/O in May 2017 that it was developing a standalone VR headset with HTC, negating the need for a smartphone, PC and even wires to enjoy virtual reality. Consumers see the value and quality experiences that VR can provide but the expense and hassle of in-place configurations have stagnated adoption. And for another, they're both utilizing the Snapdragon 835 processor for power that doesn't have to come from a desktop or laptop.

HTC has revealed that it plans to release a standalone Vive VR headset in the Chinese market at some point in the near future.

Though HTC is the first to announce and a complete standalone VR product, HTC and others announced their intent to release standalone units in the United States later this year through Google's Daydream program. It is a platform for the VR developers to put out there VR content for the users to take advantage of them using their VR headsets. A couple of months back, Qualcomm announced a partnership and reference design for Google's Daydream platform, a purpose-built experience for VR that extends beyond the capabilities of what Cardboard originally offered.

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Rather than tapping into Google's Daydream platform, HTC's new standalone Vive headset for China will use the firm's Viveport store to access apps and content. HTC will leverage a customer base that is larger than North America and Western Europe combined, and one that is expected to grow rapidly.

While it's clear that it's marketed only at the Chinese market and won't be coming to the United Kingdom anytime soon, it signals that progress is being made in that department.

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