President Trump in hot water again

Posted August 03, 2017

The Washington Post reports that on Air Force One during his return from the G-20 Summit, the president changed what would be said about the meeting between his son, Donald Trump Junior, and several Russians.

In his initial statement, the younger Trump said he and the lawyer primarily discussed adoptions of Russian children.

The White House and Donald Trump, Jr. largely dismissed concerns surrounding the new revelations, casting it as an attempt to glean opposition research and claiming that no useful information was obtained.

It later emerged that during that fateful meeting in June a year ago, Mr Trump Jr, Mr Trump's son-in-law, Mr Jared Kushner, and then campaign manager Paul Manafort met a Russian government attorney who an intermediary claimed had incriminating information about Mr Trump's rival, Ms Hillary Clinton.

Fox News allegedly published a fake article in favor of Trump
The lawsuit further alleges that US President Donald Trump pushed Fox News to publish the story. Spicer said he was not aware of Trump being involved with the story, according to NPR .

CUOMO: Because The New York Times is reporting that the President OK'd the statement.

But that characterization evolved over the next few days, with Trump Jr. ultimately publishing his email correspondences with the British music publicist who organized the meeting.

"He weighed in, offered suggestions like any father would", Sanders told reporters.

"The president did not draft the response", Sekulow said. "The president weighed in as any father would do based on the limited information he had".

Tactics, events that defined Joe Arpaio's career as sheriff
Arpaio later faced a civil trial for ignoring several orders, and he was found guilty of civil contempt of court a year ago . But Arpaio, Bolton concluded, came up with what he described as his backup plan: turn illegal immigrants over to the U.S.

Trump worked with aides on the statement on Air Force One while returning to the US from the Group of 20 Summit in Hamburg on July 8.

Trump has refused to endorse the USA intelligence community findings that Russian Federation led a cyber campaign to influence the presidential election in his favor, and he has not announced any of his own punishments against the Kremlin. "I do want to be clear the president was not involved in the drafting of the statement". Unlike many other bills President Trump has signed into law, Trump did not hold a public ceremony heralding the bill's passage and spotlighting his signing of the bill.

Bush's former ethics chief has slammed Donald Trump, stating he'd like the president's administration to go one week "without obstructing justice". That statement turned out to be misleading.

Sekulow didn't immediately respond to a request for comment made through his spokesman, Gene Kapp.

Another handsome Sunday with sunshine and comfortable heat
A gradual warming trend through the week will bring temperatures back into the middle to upper 80s by Wednesday . Overall, mostly dry weather is in the forecast until a midweek storm system tries to change that.