Secretary of state says U.S. wants to work with Russian Federation

Posted August 10, 2017

Tillerson broadly echoed that sentiment, saying the two countries had critical national security issues to discuss despite deep disagreements on some matters.

In addition to discussing issues with North Korea and cooperation on cybercrime, Lavrov said Moscow and Washington's envoys were set to discuss Ukraine.

"We should have places we can work together". Ryabkov said that he was disappointed in the behavior and policy of the administration of President Donald Trump, which follows the worst line of his predecessor, Barack Obama, and intensifies stances that affected bilateral ties previously.

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says the approval of new United Nations sanctions targeting North Korea over its nuclear and ballistic missile programs is a "very good outcome".

After Congress approved the sanctions, but prior to Trump signing the bill, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the United States to reduce its diplomatic personnel in Russia by 755.

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Mr Trump signed the bill behind closed doors, without the fanfare that has customarily accompanied his signing of executive orders.

Russian Federation called the measure a "fully fledged trade war" and issued its own retaliatory response: demanding the reduction of USA diplomatic personnel by 750 by September 1 and planning to take over diplomatic property previously used by the U.S.

"I heard that North Korean foreign minister made a very tough statement on behalf of his country rejecting the UN Security Council resolution and calling it unjust", the Russian foregn minister said.

Thornton says the USA wants to ensure that with the new sanctions, there's "not this kind of episodic back and forth that we've seen". "There's no alternative to that".

The Trump administration has argued that greater cooperation with Russian Federation is needed to solve the conflicts in Syria and Ukraine, among other global hotspots where Washington and Moscow have butted heads. It's unclear how many of those in the US diplomatic staff in Russian Federation are Americans.

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The Syrian cease-fire reflected a return of U.S. -Russia cooperation to lower violence there.

During a meeting in the Kazakh capital on May 4, Turkey, Iran and Russian Federation signed a deal to establish de-escalation zones in Syria.

Lavrov cited upcoming talks involving Russia, Iran and Turkey about how to ensure the truce in the last safe zone to be established, around the north-western city of Idlib.

In a related development, North Korea will not discuss denuclearisation on the Korean Peninsula as long as the nuclear threat and hostility on the part of the USA remain.

Specifically, the intel community found that Russian President Vladimir Putin "ordered an "influence campaign" targeting the US election, with goals that included undermining trust in the USA electoral process, denigrating Trump's Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, and helping Trump".

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Still, a US Justice Department investigation is moving ahead into Russia's election interference and potential Trump campaign collusion.