Casper Can Recycle Eclipse Glasses to Astronomers Without Borders

Posted August 23, 2017

It raises money to purchase new glasses, but also wants to use the so-called "Great American Eclipse" as a chance to stockpile the glasses. But if their glasses are not compliant with NASA's standards, it may be too late: Some lenses expire after three years, so be sure to check expiration dates.

The organization is hoping to relieve you of your glasses and give them to children in need in schools across Asia and South America.

If you're afraid you'll forget where you put them seven years from now, you could donate them to an organization like Astronomers without Borders.

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With the buzz about the exciting event darkening the daytime sky, eclipse glasses equipped with solar filters have sold out at retail stores and online vendors.

If you haven't already thrown them in the trash, here are a few things to note for those who would like to donate, reuse or recycle them.

Back on Quartz, they have other suggested don'ts, including tweeting and instagramming photos of your dogs in eclipse glasses. As long as the glasses were made by one of the 12 companies certified by NASA to make eclipse glasses, they are good for life.

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Of course, you can always keep them as a souvenir.

It will be followed by an annular solar eclipse through southern Asia on December 26, 2019.

The group hasn't yet announced exactly where the glasses will be gathered in each area, but it's reportedly planning to partner with astronomy clubs and companies across the United States to facilitate the collection drive and prepare them for shipment to areas where they are needed. The lenses can be popped up and recycled for camera film. Or feel free to take them out now and again, whenever you want to take a look at the sun.

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