KFC Made a VR Game About Cooking Your Bargain Bucket

Posted August 25, 2017

Now KFC is owning the darker, crispier parts of its brand with a new VR horror game that's become a "bizarre initiation rite" for new employees, according to Eater. It also treated us to a video of the game in question, in which players find themselves in an ornate room with Colonel Sanders shouting at them over an intercom.

The game was developed by the technology group of ad agency Wieden+Kennedy and is meant to be played on the Facebook-owned (fb) Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. Fair enough, that seems a good idea, that is until you see what they have made.

Colonel Sanders
KFC Employee Training Game Is A Raw Chicken Escape Room

To get out of the BioShock-like escape room, employees will need to virtually master and demonstrate a five-step cooking process in which they must perfectly inspect, rinse, bread, rack and pressure-fry chicken. "The escape room concept builds on the pure training and utility of the experience into something that's also entertaining and connected to KFC's iconic founder". Apparently, it only takes 10 minutes for the app to train workers how to fry chicken using the company's proprietary process, while it used to take 25 minutes to do it before the game was added to the training program.

However, a spokesperson for the company told Eater that the KFC VR training game isn't a replacement for the hands-on training.

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"This is meant to be a fun way to celebrate the work KFC's more than 19,000 cooks do every day in every restaurant across the U.S.in an engaging way", the spokesperson said.

A KFC spokesperson told Eater, "The game is meant to supplement the existing Chicken Mastery program, not replace it".

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