Amid floods, Astros to return home Saturday to face Mets

Posted August 31, 2017

With everything going on in Texas and the spirit of unity, how can a team represent the great state of Texas by wearing the state flag, when they do not share in our state's helping spirit.

Though the exact count hasn't been confirmed, several deaths have been blamed on the disaster. Houston's Minute Maid Park was in "good condition", but obviously not ready for a baseball game, according to Business Insider.

Carpenter said he has a friend living in Houston who planned to go to the game before it was moved to St Pete. The Rangers were supposed to host the Astros at the end of September, so the plan was to swap the series with the Astros instead hosting the Rangers in September. That would mean playing this upcoming one in Arlington and then switching the series scheduled for late September.

LSU is refunding tickets and parking passes to the game at NRG Stadium in Houston - they will be processed and refunded by the outlet where it was purchased, including the schools, Lonestar Sports & Entertainment and Ticketmaster.

The three-game set would have been presented in a "neutral" fashion, the Rangers said. They refused and did not want to do.

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The Mets last played at Tropicana Field in 2015 when they played the Rays in a three-game set.

"We went to the Rangers and said, 'Hey let's switch series".

With the city of Houston experiencing this tragedy, the Tampa Bay Rays have opened their doors to the Astros and Rangers to play on their field. Individuals across the nation are weighing in on the matter.

Unfortunately, these same fans do not seem to notice the tragedy that is taking place in Houston.

The argument that the Rangers declined to trade for competitive reasons seems like a reach, at best. This is not about baseball in any sense. Stop the talking heads who have a problem with the Rangers organization.

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However, Astros manager A.J. Hinch is finding his players focused throughout an emotional and hard week, refusing to let the understandable distraction be an excuse.

The Astros, as the home team here, chose the visitors' clubhouse because it was most familiar to them. They are not expected to return to Houston until the middle of September.

Individuals across the country can not simply point fingers and shame the Rangers organization.

This is bigger than the Rangers.

Even before Hurricane Harvey had made landfall, sandbags were.

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