Members of Ind. National Guard deployed for Harvey relief

Posted September 04, 2017

Governor Mark Dayton has approved soldiers from the Minnesota National Guard's 34th Combat Aviation Brigade to support response efforts for Hurricane Harvey. This deployment comes as a response to a request for help from teams in Texas.

The Iowa Army National Guard will head to Houston, Texas today to help with Hurricane Harvey.

North Korea appears to have conducted nuclear test, South Korea says
North Korea leader Kim Jon Un speaks with scientists in a handout picture reporting to show the development of an atomic bomb. The regime is believed to have more than a dozen nuclear weapons and is now working to miniaturize one to fit on a missile.

Authorities on Thursday increased the toll of Harvey-related deaths to 39, and the Texas Department of Public Safety said more than 37,000 homes were heavily damaged and almost 7,000 were destroyed. "Minnesota stands ready to assist in any way we can". Stephen Wright, a Guard public affairs specialist. The National Guard took over a private airport in Brookshire, where they are preparing 8,000 pounds of supplies.

The Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System has also been manning the Houston VA's call center, taking more than 15,000 calls since August 25, spokesman Chris Durney said.

288 day mission: Astronaut Peggy Whitson heading home
For the next year or so, the station's six-member crew will feature two cosmonauts and four USOS crew members. It marked the end for the Expedition 52 crew, which had manned the space station together since April.

First Sergeant Ron Schroeder said there's a lot of concern over the already-historic water levels rising even more. This is the first time Christianson has deployed for a natural disaster, but he has deployed overseas to Kuwait and Iraq. Spokesman Col. Greg Hapgood says the copters will be used to move supplies and equipment around the flood-ravaged city.

Gas prices surge as Harvey puts more strain on refineries, pipelines
Hurricane Harvey's effects can be seen across the country in the form of rising gas prices . "Gas prices will go up". Kim Fundingsland/MDN The price of gasoline increased at some pumps in Minot as of midday Tuesday.