Equifax CEO says company 'will make changes' after security breach

Posted September 14, 2017

Before the announcement Tuesday, numerous people who tried to set up freezes after Equifax disclosed a breach of up to 143 million Social Security numbers, birth dates and other personal data discovered they had to pay Equifax for the privilege of protecting themselves from the breach.

It's not clear whether the mechanism TransUnion says it uses to "lock" files with that product provides the same protection as a freeze, or whether it is a lesser form of protection meant to shield TransUnion from some regulatory or legal perspective.

Like many breached businesses, Equifax is now promising to try harder to make sure that it never again gets breached so badly, begging the question of whether it previously failed to take information security as seriously as it should.

Outrage over the incident, and ensuing confusion, is building quickly.

Credit reporting company Equifax Inc. corporate offices are
Credit reporting company Equifax Inc. corporate offices are

At the state level, attorneys general for Connecticut, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and NY have already announced investigations, with many more likely to follow.

The top three Equifax executives sold $1.8 million worth of company stock in the days after they found the breach in what appears to be an attempt to save their assets soon to be lost in lawsuits, according to Bloomberg.

They filed the lawsuit the same day Equifax announced the breach, August 3, despite having confirmed the situation on July 29 and undergoing investigation since May, according to Oregon Live.

But really, we just have to take a moment and let our collective jaws hang open in abject stupefaction. Call the credit card company or bank immediately about any charges you do not recognize.

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Or you can put a 90-day fraud alert on your credit files or enact a "credit freeze" so that lenders cannot access your credit report without your knowledge. And to do it securely! Hopefully the issue will be resolved or we'll have more clarification. "Hackers are resourceful criminals who are constantly looking to exploit any vulnerabilities", he said. So the culprits walked in through the front door.

"These lapses may potentially represent a systemic failure by firms now incentivized to collect and store highly sensitive identification and financial data for Americans", Warner said. That would be inept.

However, Canada's privacy watchdog says the website won't help Canadians because it uses US social security numbers. So why should you pay for a freeze, which keeps new creditors from seeing your credit file and thus can keep thieves from applying for credit in your name?

If shareholders can plausibly allege that Equifax insiders delayed disclosure of the data breach to dump shares, they will sail past any defense motion to toss their case before they're entitled to discovery. Equifax collects sensitive personal information on every consumer's financial transactions.

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Partly, I'm bitter. A decade ago, I fell victim to identity theft and a Seattle hacker with a bit of an online shopping addiction.

Now Equifax, the giant credit reporting agency, has made itself the poster child for how not to deal with customer security. These companies play a huge role in our lives, but they simply aren't accountable, and are often unavailable, to consumers at all. Problem is, Equifax has the ability to respond to these lawsuits in a way that will make life far more hard for the plaintiffs. On Friday, she was directing her Twitter ire at Equifax.

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