NZ opposition leader Jacinda Ardern admits defeat

Posted September 24, 2017

Prime Minister Bill English's National Party won 46 percent of the vote, according to the electoral commission on Sunday.

For decades New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has been known as "The Kingmaker" - a role the populist anti-immigration campaigner is set to play again after the country's general election ended in a stalemate.

When asked how she felt about her chances during Saturday's election, Ms Ardern said, "Absolutely hopeful, we have given this campaign everything". Votes for the Green Party reached 6.2 percent.

The centre-left Labour Party, led by recently appointed 37-year-old leader Jacinda Ardern, was vying against the incumbent National Party.

He said early Sunday that the voters had spoken and now his party had the responsibility of working to give New Zealand a strong and stable government.

Mr English, 55, has highlighted his experience and promised tax cuts.

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But who New Zealand First will favour remains unclear.

Despite a hectic and changeable election campaign, the mental strength of National's members had pulled the party through, he said.

In Christchurch Central, Labour's Duncan Webb beat sitting National MP and Cabinet minister Nicky Wagner, who had won the seat in the last two elections.

New Zealand's complex proportional voting system means minor parties usually hold the balance of power, allowing Peters to carve out a parliamentary niche as the man in the middle of the major parties. "The decision we'll make and everyone of my colleagues will know that it's not going to be premature".

"We'll make a decision in the interests of all New Zealand and New Zealand First, that is the whole country, not ourselves in the party but in the national interest and that will take some time", he added. Even if that happens, Bramwell said, "they may still have to wait for the special votes to be counted" before a final determination could be made.

"Seven weeks ago I stood in front of the press and New Zealand as the newly elected leader of the New Zealand Labour Party".

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He thanked all those campaigning and supporting his party.

However, he has proven to be more moderate in his previous stints in government than his rhetoric while in opposition suggests.

The Green Party will likely align itself with Labour, Bramwell said. "We believe in laws and policies that support the mass majority of New Zealanders and not just a small elite".

Peters helped install a National-led government in 1996 in return for being made deputy prime minister. When he supported Labour in 2005, he was rewarded with the foreign affairs portfolio.

But she told 1News it was not over yet.

She said she was willing to work with anyone who shared Labour's values.

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