Arrest in 'Killer Clown' Murder, 27 Years Later

Posted September 29, 2017

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office says Keen, the mistress of the victim's husband, was a suspect early on, but there was never enough evidence to charge her.

A Virginia woman has been arrested in a 27-year-old Florida murder that police dubbed the Killer-Clown Cold Case.

Twenty-seven years ago a clown walked up to the front door of Marlene Warren's Wellington, Florida house and fatally shot her.

Warren, 27 at the time, was holding balloons and flowers before shooting the victim in the face as she answered her door.

A Miami Herald story the Friday before 1991's Memorial Day weekend read, "At a press conference marking the one-year anniversary since Warren's death, detectives Steve Newell, Lou Sessa and Bill Williams said there is no doubt in their minds that Sheila Keen was the killer clown, and that Marlene Warren's husband Michael played some part in the murder".

"Witnesses were re-contacted and additional DNA analysis was conducted", the Sheriff's Office said in a release.

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Now, nearly three decades later, authorities say they have arrested the clown: a woman who was said to be having an affair with Warren's husband and, years after the killing, married him.

A Florida grand jury recently indicted her on a first-degree murder charge. Months after Marlene's death, authorities would discover that Michael was having an affair with Sheila Keen, who he would later marry.

Bradshaw said it's not yet known whether anyone else will be arrested and charged in the case as it remains ongoing.

The sheriff did not mention whether or not Michael Warren would also be arrested. A person dressed as a clown carrying flowers and balloons stepped out of the white Chrysler LeBaron.

"You get, basically, one shot", McCann said. The Sun Sentinel noted just two weeks after the murder that detectives had requested phone records for Keen and her then-husband, Richard, "but would not say why".

"I feel like crying now, but I'm glad it's over".

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Witnesses had told investigators in 1990 that Sheila Warren and Michael Warren were having an affair, though both denied it.

By then, DNA testing was far more advanced than it had been in the early 1990s, and they chose to pursue charges against Keen-Warren after they retested orange fibers and hair strands they found in the vehicle the killer was believed to have used.

Michael Warren reportedly owned Bargain Motors, a West Palm Beach auto dealership, and the suspect worked for him repossessing cars.

An investigation linked Sheila Keen Warren to Marlene Warren's murder.

"We did so approximately 5:30 at a location on Good Hope Road here in Washington County", said Sheriff Fred Newman of the Washington County, Virginia Sheriff's Department.

Shirley Twing, also speaking to the Post at the time, recalled Marlene once telling her: "If anything happens to me, Mike done it".

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