Not cancer, but small traffic cone

Posted September 29, 2017

The BBC reports that X-rays showed a spot on the man's lung, but it wasn't a tumor.

A MAN who was feared to have cancer actually had a toy traffic cone stuck in his lung 40 years after he inhaled it. Specialists at a respiratory facility in Preston, England, made the disclosure after the patient, a 47-year-old jack of all trades, was alluded to them in light of a pestering hack that had kept going over a year. He was suspected to be suffering from lung cancer, primarily due to his history as a long-term smoker.

Paul Baxter, 47, went to the doctor after he began to cough up yellow mucus.

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As an attempt to give a more accurate diagnosis, surgeons performed a bronchoscopy and found a Playmobil traffic cone that the patient inhaled by accident in 1977.

Medicos therefore chose to take a look at that nasty something and found a Playmobil traffic cone in the midst of the mess.

Following the procedure, the patient told doctors that he used to play with and often swallowed tiny pieces of Playmobil as a child, as written in a report published in the British Medical Journal. They estimate the patient's aviation route some way or another adjusted to the nearness of the plastic toy or was assimilated into the covering of the lung.

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Said The Daily Mail, doctors wrote: "To our knowledge this is the first reported case of a tracheobronchial foreign body that was overlooked for 40 years".

They said: "Four months after removal of the tiny traffic cone, his productive cough had nearly entirely settled and a chest X-ray only showed minor residual consolidation".

The patient was given a chest X-ray which produced a frightening result. Baxter reported that everyone in the room "just fell about laughing" after the realization, but the incident was so unique that it was recorded in a medical journal.

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"While it is a common occurrence for children to accidentally inhale small objects", they wrote, "a case in which the onset of symptoms occurs so long after initial aspiration is unheard of".