United Kingdom police release report on ex-premier's abuse claims

Posted October 06, 2017

Former British prime minister Edward Heath would have been questioned about claims he sexually abused boys if he were alive today, police said on Thursday after a two-year investigation into the allegations.

"None of these seven claims were while he was prime minister but I understand some allegations did happen when he was prime minister", he told Sputnik.

The investigation, Operation Conifer, began in August 2015 with a much-criticised launch outside Sir Edward's former home in the cathedral close at Salisbury, where police appealed for any victims of sexual abuse to come forward.

She branded the inquiry "a disgrace" and said one of Heath's key accusers had made "pernicious" claims of satanic ritual abuse and said she was "profoundly disturbed" by uncorroborated witnesses.

In a statement, Heath's former cabinet secretary, Lord Armstrong of Ilminster, and chairman of the Sir Edward Heath Charitable Foundation, Lord Hunt of Wirral, said the report neither justifies or dispels the "the cloud of suspicion".

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"Sir Edward Heath was an extremely prominent, influential and high-profile person who was arguably one of the most powerful people in the world commensurate with the public office he held", Chief Constable Veale said.

Instead the aim of the investigation was to "seek to establish the facts concerning allegations of child abuse made against Sir Edward Heath through an objective and proportionate investigation", as well as identifying whether any living people may have committed offenses, or whether any children or vulnerable adults were today at risk of abuse. This was a distinguished prime minister.

Lord Macdonald, the former director of public prosecutions, accused Mr Veale of presiding over a "tragi-comedy of incompetence" and called for a judge-led inquiry into how Sir Edward's name was "so shockingly traduced".

Heath was first elected asConservative MP for Bexley in Kent in 1950 and defeated Harold Wilson's Labour Party in 1970, before losing to Wilson four years later after a damaging miners' strike.

Heath's godson, Lincoln Seligman, said the police investigation had cast a stain over a man who could not defend himself.

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The report says the allegations received in seven cases led to Heath's "suspected involvement in an offence" and thus the former prime minister would need to have been interviewed under criminal caution. "Many will think it is an attempt to derail, silence and discredit the investigation before the report has been delivered". "I believe this was the right moral, ethical and professional thing to do". These relate to separate people who did not know each other, each in a different location and time period. It was just not of interest to him, ' he added.

"The safeguarding and protection of vulnerable people will continue to be out primary reasons for conducting this investigation".

The allegations made to and the evidence collected by the police should be independently reviewed and an independent conclusion arrived at.

That is the conclusion of Operation Conifer, an inquiry by Wiltshire Police, whose results were announced this morning.

"This would neither provide value or money or indeed a legitimate outcome of the guilt or innocence of Sir Edward Heath", he said. That will go to the independent inquiry into child sexual abuse set up by the government.

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