Number of breast cancer cases on rise

Posted October 10, 2017

Dr Veda further said, a few decades ago, breast cancer was nearly 65%-70% patients of breast cancer were above 50 years and only 30-35% women were below fifty years of age. These include the ability to access effective medicines to prevent and treat breast cancer, concerns about having enough specialist cancer doctors and nurses, and unprecedented financial and operational pressures within the NHS. "Breast Cancer in the UK", which highlights how much more needs to be done to save the lives of people with breast cancer.

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As an initiative to make sure everyone has equal access to cancer screenings and education, New Jersey and Center for Disease Control and Prevention has funded NJCEED, New Jersey Cancer Education and Early Detection.

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Here in CT, roughly 3,000 women annually are diagnosed with breast cancer.

For more than four decades, cervical cancer was considered as one of the leading causes of death in India.

Breast tissue, like the gut, has a microbiome, and understanding it could lead to a new understanding of breast cancer, say researchers at the Cleveland Clinic.

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As Breast Cancer Awareness Month continues, it's important to celebrate the victories, while remaining vigilant in our fight against the disease.

3-D mammograms, offered at the CWHC, have been shown to have better detection rates with fewer biopsies recommended and fewer call-backs.

Lack of awareness and absence of an organized national breast cancer screening programme are the main reasons accounting for late presentation. "If more than one effective treatment exists, then patients should look for the treatment option that has the least impact on employment or whatever is most relevant to her". He also said that slimming down a woman's distinctive risk signify that they are also informed about whether to go ahead with a mastectomy or not.

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Our jobs are to educate each woman (or man!) about their cancer and help us guide their treatment plan.