First Original Xbox Games for Xbox One Arrive Tomorrow

Posted October 24, 2017

Xbox One X is not only the most powerful console we've ever created, it's also the smallest. IGN reports that four Xbox 360 games will include enhancements specifically for the new Xbox One X console when it launches on November 7th.

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As noted by IGN, Microsoft will be enhancing the original Xbox games by giving them 10-bit color depth, in instances where the games only had 8-bit. For instance, games that supported system link play - such as Crimson Skies - will still support system link play. If you still have any of these games on disc, you can insert them into your Xbox One and it will just work. Additionally, you can buy them directly from the Xbox store for $9.99 United States dollars. Many of these games can also be purchased from the Xbox Store in digital form for $9.99. Starting with the Xbox 360, the Xbox One has steadily added to its library, and this week marks a big jump. In fact, there are now only four titles that will feature this enhanced support when Xbox One X launches.

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Below is the first curated batch of Original Xbox games we're releasing into the Xbox One Backward Compatibility program. All titles will run at 1080p, with a frame rate per second higher than the original and reduced load times. Basically, you can have players on the original Xbox, Xbox One, and Xbox One X face each other in old-school LAN parties. Online multiplayer is not supported, however, as servers for original Xbox games were shut down years ago. And those playing games such as Knights of the Old Republic for the first time should be aware of the fact that these games are products of their time.

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The optical stand will allow you to place the console both vertically and horizontally.