Bonkers New Amazon Delivery Service Will Let Couriers OPEN Your Front Door

Posted October 27, 2017

An Amazon Key owner can share either a single-use key code for unlocking the door, or a code that can be used for an ongoing period of time. The homeowner will also be sent a notification when the delivery is underway, according to Amazon. Once you buy all the components, absolutely nothing.

Their first security camera is called Amazon Cloud Cam and it's stupidly cheap at $119.99.

Amazon Cloud Cam, an intelligent indoor security camera that lets you keep track of your home at an affordable price.

The system, which requires a specific Amazon Key App to activate, will not be available for deliveries of Amazon packages that come through UPS, FedEx or the U.S. Postal Service, USA Today reported.

The bundle aims to eliminate the issue of packages being stolen from a doorstep and follows a similar delivery experiment that Amazon rival Wal-Mart announced last month.

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Amazon is doing its best to make the process "minimally invasive and totally transparent", tech news site The Verge wrote Wednesday, which is where the surveillance system comes in. If you're not already an Amazon Prime subscriber, you can sign up via this link. Amazon says you should avoid using the service if you have pets that could escape through the front door. But are you ready to trust them with access to your home or apartment? Which means for now, appliances and large electronics are not included in the service. The 37 cities are the areas where Amazon Logistics handles the drop-off. And you can create all sort of scenarios in your head where someone can take advantage of this, probably from all the movies, TV shows and real-life incidents we've seen.

"Amazon Key will make it even easier to cross a major chore off your to-do list by letting the professionals at Merry Maids take care of the house cleaning while you're not home", said Nik Varty, CEO of ServiceMaster, the parent company of Merry Maids. It will even give the delivery person access to your refrigerator. If you want more recordings, they have monthly payment options that start at $6.99.

So how exactly will the system work?

"I'm excited to watch the 2030 Netflix docudrama about the Amazon Key murders", tweets one skeptic. "Hi".

Amazon wants to enter your house, this time physically to drop off your packages. You'll get a notification on your phone that a delivery is being made, and Amazon will store a copy of the video for 24 hours so you can view it later. It's infuriating! Why can't strangers freely violate the security of my home that I have deliberately locked?

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How does Amazon Key work?

For all intents and purposes it is.

Yes, as long as the delivery driver can access and enter your front door.

While it appears impossible for grocers to compete with Amazon on this level, there remains potential to capitalize on making sure their convenience and personalization strategies are on par, Patel said.

To play devil's advocate, the idea is relatively well thought-out. Then the delivery worker just swipes a button on the app that unlocks your door.They will open the door just a crack, slip your package inside, and lock the door again by swiping again.

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