Nintendo reveals the free-to-play Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Posted October 27, 2017

Though fans have been eagerly awaiting an announcement of Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch, Nintendo has other plans for the franchise for the time being... mobile plans.

Those in Australia have already got their hands on Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, but for the rest of the world, it's locked away until the game is released. Given the widespread popularity of Animal Crossing, the free-to-play with microstransactions approach was undoubtedly the right one from a business standpoint. Decorating is still a big feature and you can build furniture and other items by gathering materials and taking them to resident carpenter Cyrus. But if you prefer to have your items right then and there instead of waiting for them to be created, you can spend real money to purchase what's known as Leaf Tickets. Here's what you need to know about Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp including its release date. You might not have been expecting this to be the best-looking Animal Crossing game ever made, but hey, that's what we've got. It also requires an persistent internet connection to play. This isn't a leak or a pirated version of the game.

It all looks delightful, in that typical Animal Crossing style, and we're quite surprised at how fully-featured the spin-off appears to be - there's none of the one-button antics of Super Mario Run here. If you find it to be to your liking, you can give them a good rating.

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Where this would feel like a gross intrusion in most series, when it comes to Animal Crossing - whose entire reason for being is to revel in the most fucked up elements of capitalism - what does it matter! You can raise that level by bringing your friend items they like or fulfilling specific requests.

Visit nearby recreation areas to go fishing, gather fruit, and collect bugs. We hear there's a tool out there that you can use to search for things on the internet.

Following an announcement earlier this week, Nintendo has finally given us the name for its next mobile game. Anyone looking to pre-register and receive an alert as soon as the game is released can do so on Nintendo's website.

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In case you missed it, there was recently a Nintendo Direct stream in which it was announced that there will soon be a mobile Animal Crossing game for iOS and Android devices entitled Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

You can also go to the market place for furniture & clothing items to customize your character.

Your camper can be customised at OK Motors, whether that be by filling it with furniture or decorating the exterior, while seasonal events will, hopefully, keep your returning to the game over time - promising limited-time furniture and outfits.

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