Feinstein: Sessions needs to clarify remarks about Russian interactions

Posted November 08, 2017

The lead Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, Congressman Adam Schiff, said Page's public remarks prior to his appearance before the panel that his trip to Moscow was as a private citizen were undercut by his congressional testimony.

But Page, who declined to have an attorney present during the testimony to the House committee, said his trips to Russian Federation were "benign" and blasted the congressional investigations as a waste of time and money.

The House Intelligence Committee Monday night released a 243-page transcript of his lengthy appearance behind closed doors with its Russian Federation probe.

Prosecutors said in their Sunday filings ahead of the bail review that Manafort had yet to provide documentation to substantiate his claimed $28 million of assets or net worth.

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Page says he had no personal information about Russian election interference.

Another adviser at the same time that Page joined the campaign, George Papadopoulos, has pleaded guilty to lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation about his contacts with Russian Federation.

"In his testimony, however, he was forced to acknowledge that he communicated with high level Russian officials while in Moscow, including one of Russia's Deputy Prime Ministers", Schiff said.

In his July 2016 note, Page wrote that Dvorkovich had "expressed strong support for Mr. Trump and a desire to work together toward devising better solutions in response to a vast range of current worldwide problems".

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The top Democrat on the House intelligence committee says the United States is "marginally better prepared" to prevent Russian interference in US elections. Page said he did not recall the email until a reporter from The Washington Post told him about it in August of this year. But the details about interactions between his foreign policy advisers and Russians raise new questions about the Trump campaign's dealings with Moscow. After the reports, Sessions acknowledged the meetings and went on to recuse himself from investigations related to the 2016 campaign.

He said he was unaware at the time that Papadopoulos was making similar proposals for Trump to travel to Russian Federation, though he acknowledged he had received some of Papadopoulos' emails about Russian Federation.

"You have them both reporting back to the campaign, you have the campaign deceiving the public about their knowledge of these things", Schiff said."So I hardly think that these are coincidental". Page said he had mentioned his upcoming trip to Sessions, who at the time was a senior policy adviser to the Trump campaign. "Near the end of the dinner, Page approached Sessions to say hello and thanked the then-senator for the dinner, and Page also mentioned he was headed to Russian Federation".

Page's July 2016 trip to Moscow drew attention during the campaign, particularly after WikiLeaks released emails that had been hacked from the Democratic National Committee a few weeks later and Russian Federation became a controversial campaign topic.

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Page characterized his July 2016 trip to Russia as a "private" trip and said his interactions with Russians were largely confined to the "man on the street", Schiff said in a statement Monday night.