Polls: Moore in Slight Lead in Alabama Senate Race

Posted December 05, 2017

A just-released CBS News poll shows a resurgent Roy Moore, with Republican voters ignoring nine courageous women who came forward to tell their stories of alleged child molestation, sexual assault, and pursuit of teenaged girls while the Republican candidate for Alabama's open Senate seat was in his 30's. It has a 3.8 point margin of error for questions based upon the entire sample and a 4.8 point margin of error for likely voters.

Among Republicans who say they don't believe the allegations, 92 percent say Democrats are behind the charges and 88 percent say the media are.

Moore has said that he never met Corfman, and denies numerous allegations against him. Only 2 percent said they're "definitely false" and 5 percent said they're "probably false", while 7 percent said they don't have an opinion.

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This comes as the Republican has been targeted by Democrats and the mainstream media for unverified allegations from almost 40 years ago, but Moore is fighting back.

Alabama's Senate special election has drawn national attention in light of allegations of sexual misconduct against Moore. A JMC Analytics Poll of 650 registered Alabama voters had Moore with 48 percent support and Jones with 43 percent.

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Moore now has a six-point lead over Jones, according to the poll. Even so, fifty-three percent of voters said Jones has higher standards of personal moral conduct, compared to 34 percent who said the same about Moore.

Trump in the past blasted Moore's Democratic opponent, saying Doug Jones would be a disaster. Just over half (52%) think there are things more serious to consider than the allegations, and another 21% say the allegations do not concern them at all.

Likely Republican voters overwhelmingly believe the allegations against Mr. Moore are false, according to the CBS poll released Sunday.

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Moore's campaign has been rocked by multiple accusations of sexual assault and harassment against him.