Google and Amazon bickering steps up a level

Posted December 07, 2017

Google support for YouTube on the Echo Show ended 05 December, and YouTube will no longer be available to Fire TV users from 01 January.

The feud between Amazon and Google is escalating, and consumers may soon notice it in a pretty big way.

"Given this lack of reciprocity".

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Google has been complaining about how Amazon displays YouTube on the Echo Show product and has now taken the step to restrict users access to the video channel. The power being thrown around by these two giants is the type of conduct that has some talking about the need to break them up by way of anti-trust action.

The move was particularly to push people from Google's Chromecast to Amazon's Fire TV dongles and devices. That includes Amazon Fire tablets, as Google hasn't threatened to block those yet.

Both parties have said that they hope the matter will be resolved soon, but neither looks likely to budge. Amazon then stopped selling Google Chromecast streaming devices and smart home products produced by Nest, a company owned by YouTube parent Google.

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Amazon also refuses to carry certain Google tech on it's online retailer store, making it harder for some customers to easily purchase what they want. It stopped selling the Apple TV at the same time for the same reason. The latter is the smart speaker that features a 7-inch screen, and Google's streaming video site had proven to be quite popular on the Echo Show.

A Google spokesman said in an emailed statement that the company has been trying to reach a reciprocal agreement with Amazon for products and services but has not done so.

Google and Amazon's issues go beyond this sticking point. Variety notes that the new implementation of YouTube on the Echo Show, for example, violates YouTube's terms of service "by layering voice control onto a web app that wasn't designed for voice interaction". For its part, Amazon, through a spokeswoman, said that Alphabet's Google unit is "setting a disappointing precedent by selectively blocking customer access to an open website".

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