Flu vaccinations in Sask. up 11 per cent this year

Posted December 12, 2017

Last year, flu remained widespread for 16 weeks, or through the beginning of April. "This means it reduces the chance of coming down with the flu, or if you're someone who does get the flu, it lessens the likelihood you'll get very sick from the flu", said Dieckhaus. MedExpress also noted that its "2017-2018 influenza-like-illness (ILI) rates are higher than they have been during the same time period of the past four flu seasons (15 percent in 2017-2018 compared to 11-13 percent in previous years)".

The 10 percent figure is mainly due to the fact that the flu virus that hit Australia this year, whose flu season coincides with the USA summertime, was the H3N2 strain.

She said getting that yearly flu shot is your best weapon. "It's available, it's out there and there's really no reason why anyone doesn't get the flu shot". But it's too early to say how effective this year's shot will be.

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Statewide, there have been five confirmed flu-related deaths, but none in Yakima County, Sixberry said.

Health officials say the United States could have a harsher than usual flu season, and is already showing influenza activity above the national baseline for the first time this season.

"There's no guarantee with any immunization that you won't be exposed to whatever it is that's trying to protect you", she said. To protect others, the health director also advised those who do become sick with a fever and cough to stay at home until at least 24 hours after the fever ends without the use of fever-reducing medication.

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However, Dr. Izaddoost said this is "fake news".

We also researched bird flu strains by visiting a New England shoreline each year to take samples from birds that travel from the southern tip of South America and take a break to feed on horseshoe crabs.

Several areas throughout IL are experiencing heightened flu activity, and one preliminary report shows the flu vaccine may only be 10% effective. Instead, the flu vaccine acts by allowing your immune system to create the ability to fight the flu in case you are exposed. Yet, the problem is that the flu virus can mutate from one flu season to another which can render the vaccine ineffective. "Therefore, you have much more closeness between people, making them more contagious if they are ill, especially during the holidays".

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