Israel detains Turkey-awarded Palestinian in W. Bank

Posted December 20, 2017

The Israeli soldiers beat the occupants of the house and took the cameras that documented the brutality of the Israeli soldiers during their suppression of the protests in the village over several years.

Ahd's friend, Jana Tamimi, posted a video after the arrest of Ahd, 17, in which she explained in English what happened during the night.

Ahed's arrest came a day after a video of the teen confronting Israeli soldiers during protests in Nabi Saleh on Friday over US President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital went viral.

In another incident involving members of a notorious family from Nabeh Saleh, IDF soldiers maintained their composure in the face of what appeared to be a staged confrontation.

The Palestinians struggle against the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip, territories that Israel seized in the 1967 and has held ever since, despite worldwide protest.

"She was arrested on suspicion of attacking Israeli soldiers during the riots", the statement read.

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Israel soldiers grab Ahed Tamimi and a relative as she is being arrested at the entrance to Nabi Saleh's water spring, during the weekly protest against the occupation in the West Bank village, August 24, 2012.

No break for the kid-targeted repressive operation of the Israeli forces.

The Israeli security forces then began using the sponge-tipped or "plastic" bullet in Israel and Jerusalem, while continuing using rubber bullets in the occupied West Bank.

"They didn't give a reason for her arrest", he told AFP.

According to Palestinian official figures, more than 6,400 Palestinians are now held in detention facilities throughout Israel.

The doctors removed the bullet, reconstructed his jaw and placed him into an artificial coma for 72 hours.

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Before long, Bassem received a phone call from his lawyer, saying that Nariman too been arrested upon her arrival at the police station.

For the supporters of Nabi Saleh, the teenager remains a hero who has been filmed for years shouting at Israeli soldiers and sometimes scuffling with them.

"Ahed was telling the soldiers to get away from our home", her father said.

Minister of Education Naftali Bennett has already determined Ahed's sentence: "She should spend her life in prison".

Ahed has been praised by activists and the global community for her courage during protests in Nabi Saleh, which have been held every Friday in the village for years.

"The blood was pouring from his face like a fountain", the 43-year-old mother of four said on Sunday. "This is an important message", Liberman said.

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