Six days of Iran protests: 20 dead, 450 arrested

Posted January 02, 2018

President Hassan Rouhani acknowledged the public's anger over the Islamic Republic's flagging economy, though he and others warned that the government wouldn't hesitate to crack down on those it considers lawbreakers.

State TV said six rioters were killed during an attack on a police station in the town of Qahdarijan.

According to local sources, one of the protesters participating in anti-government protest in Iran has opened fire against police officers in the country's Najafabad city.

It says all were shot by hunting rifles.

"The support for the rioters of Iran, by the highest official of United States along with some imperialist media shows that there is a new plot to stage a new intrigue in Iran", said Brigadier General Jazayeri, the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, on Monday.

Trump and Nauert had tweeted in support of the recent economic protests in a number of Iranian towns.

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The towns are all in Iran's central Isfahan province, 215 miles south of Tehran.

The protests have become the biggest test for the regime since demonstrations following the disputed 2009 presidential election.

"At the moment, the protests do not constitute a threat to the survival of the regime, but they do weaken it and undermine its legitimacy, and they are likely to threaten its stability in the long term", it reportedly states.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump said Monday it was "time for change" in Iran, adding that Iran is failing at every level "despite the awful deal" made with them by the Obama Administration.

Lawmaker Hedayatollah Khademi said two people were killed in Izeh town in Khuzestan province Sunday night, the Iranian Labour News Agency reported. Hundreds of people have been arrested.

The protests began Thursday in Mashhad, Iran's second-largest city, and quickly spread across the nation, with some protesters chanting against the government and the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

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The Iranian government shut down access to social media platform Instagram on Sunday, as well as a popular messaging app, which protesters used to organize.

"Certainly, the great Iranian nation has closely pursued Mr. Trump's active partnership in violating the Palestinian, Yemeni and Bahraini people's human rights" and remember his hostile approach towards Iranians' visit to the USA, he added.

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson issued a statement late Monday saying 'there should be meaningful debate about the legitimate and important issues the protesters are raising and we look to the Iranian authorities to permit this'.

Previously, Germany called on both Iranian authorities and the protesters to restrain from violence.

Rouhani also stressed Monday that Iran 'has seen many similar events and passed them easily'. But there's only ONE way to change Iran: from inside, by the Iranian people.

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