Google, Amazon, Microsoft-backed Internet Association to appeal FCC's net neutrality decision

Posted January 10, 2018

The bill, which would amend the Communications Act, would bring back numerous parts of Net Neutrality by directly the FCC to enforce rules agents blocking and throttling. The FCC publicly released its sent 539-page final order on January 5, and the new rule takes effect upon approval by the Office of Management and Budget.

In a letter published January 5, Internet Association President and CEO Michael Beckerman says the final version of net neutrality changes, as drafted by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, "defies the will of a bipartisan majority of Americans and fails to preserve a free and open internet".

Ed Markey
Ed Markey Verified account @SenMarkey

Sen. Claire McCaskill, a Democrat from Missouri announced Monday she will be the 30th co-sponsor of a bill that will use the Congressional Review Act to reverse the FCC's vote to dismantle the net neutrality rules. Elizabeth Warren, fellow Democratic members of Massachusetts' congressional delegation. The bill says that "No internet service provide engaged int he provision of fixed or mobile broadband Internet access service shall impair or degrade lawful Internet traffic on the basis of content, application, or service or use of a non harmful device, subject to reasonable network management".

The reality is - as every senator supporting the measure to overturn the FCC's decision knows - that there is only a small chance of the resolution passing the Senate, an even smaller chance of it winning a majority in the House, and virtually no chance of President Trump signing it. Bernie Sanders, an independent who caucuses with the Democratic Party.

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In short, there are no special rules in the House to guarantee a vote on the CRA resolution.

Still, Free Press and others are pushing forward, noting the widespread popularity of the net-neutrality rules.

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"People have logged more than a million calls to Congress to reject FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's decision to kill Net Neutrality on December 14".

Despite the apparent public sentiment in favor of net neutrality, observers doubt whether the Republican-controlled Congress will pass Markey's bill. "IA intends to act as an intervenor in judicial action against this order and, along with our member companies, will continue our push to restore strong, enforceable net neutrality protections through a legislative solution". In the days before the FCC's vote last month, the online giants took few overt steps to voice opposition to repealing the rules.

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