President addresses farmer concerns at AFBF convention

Posted January 13, 2018

Trump spoke Monday in Nashville, Tennessee, at the annual convention of the American Farm Bureau Federation, calling farm country "God's country".

"We are also putting an end to the regulatory assault of paperwork and inspections".

"I'm so honored to be the first President to address the American Farm Bureau in more than 25 years", said President Trump. The President announced significant changes to the estate tax, known as the death tax, so Americans can "keep your farms in the family", which was met by one of several standing ovations.

And we have just signed into law the most significant TAX CUTS and REFORMS in American History - a total of $5.5 TRILLION DOLLARS IN TAX CUTS, with most of those benefits going to working families, small businesses and FAMILY FARMERS.

We are fighting for our farmers, for our country, and for our GREAT AMERICAN FLAG.

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Trump also noted that every House and Senate Democrat voted against the tax cut bill.

"Connect Americans Now looks forward to working with President Trump, Congress, and the FCC to reserve spectrum for broadband in TV white spaces and unlock the incredible possibilities that a modern communications infrastructure can offer in rural America".

Much of the report was built on the basis of bringing broadband internet to rural America, Special Assistant for Technology, Telecommunications, and Cybersecurity at the National Economic Council Grace Koh said.

But he also suggested that farmers and ranchers are concerned about the status of health care, saying rural areas are facing unaffordable or simply unavailable health insurance policies.

Since taking office, Trump has withdrawn from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade deal that was expected to raise net farm income by $4.4 billion per year, and threatened to pull out of NAFTA, which has been a boon for USA farms. He said, "After the Obama Administration's record-setting regulatory regime, we needed a chief executive to rein in federal agencies and restore land rights to Tennesseans, who earn a living with their hands and feed America".

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While many economic sectors have recovered from the economic downturn, the nation's rural areas have lagged in nearly every indicator, said Ray Starling, special assistant to the president for Agriculture, Agricultural Trade and Food Assistance on the National Economic Council.

"Obviously you love your families or you wouldn't be standing for that one", Trump went on.

According to the White House, "the first of these two orders instructs the department of interior to dedicate a portion of its assets for rural broadband installation".

"Those towers are going to go up, and you're going to have great, great broadband", Trump said, along with Tennessee Republican congressional delegation as well as its GOP governor, Bill Haslam.

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