Cuomo's 'revenue raisers': Health care windfall tax, opioid surcharge and more

Posted January 19, 2018

"That's an old stereotype, New York, high taxes, bigger spenders. We will continue to engage in discussions with the State Assembly and Senate to ensure State Aid funding will meet the needs of every student throughout our State, particularly those in schools with the greatest needs".

Critics of Cuomo argue that his portrayal of the loss SALT deductibility effects on NY is greatly exaggerated.

"To just do nothing and have the federal government continue to pick the pockets of NY state - I think it would be wrong on us not to do something", he said. "This is the most hard fight we have ever faced, but it is doable".

And there are many of what the administration calls "revenue actions", accounting for just shy of $1 billion in tax receipts for a hungry budget that will total $168 billion in the coming year.

"Through this budget, we are fighting back", Mujica stated in his message.

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NY is one of the last remaining states in the nation that doesn't allow early voting.

"There are many reasons to want to protect and preserve our lakes, especially the ones that are tourist draws and the ones that people live on but this funding and the acknowledgement from the state is encouraging", Assemblyman Stec said.

The governor's budget plan also includes a little more money for education and economic development, a tax on opioid prescriptions to fund state efforts to combat the opioid crisis and a plan to study whether or not the state should legalize marijuana.

The budget plan assumes that certain federal health care programs will continue to be funded, including the Children's Health Insurance Program, which federal lawmakers have yet to reauthorize.

"Andrew Cuomo enters a reelection year with his best favorability rating since the last reelection campaign, his best job performance rating in eight months, his best reelect rating in this cycle, and a potpourri of State of the State proposals that are popular with NY voters", said Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg.

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Butler reiterated his stance on the budget in the release, adding that "Washington's been blamed, falling revenue has been blamed, but it always come down to this - the state spends more than what it can".

"I don't think is a place anyone wants to go this year", he said. Cuomo says instead of taxing income received by employees, the state would tax wages paid by employers to counter the loss of income deductibility.

Cuomo proposed several items that were not fully addressed in his budget speech, such as enacting a uniform statewide policy for sexual harassment cases. "As I travel across my district, our state's taxes and cost of living are the top issues that concern residents", said Young (R-Olean). In his State of the State, Cuomo said one option could be shifting from a state income tax to a payroll tax.

Tedisco added that "This budget proposal is trying to treat the symptoms of a larger disease with the same bad medicine that exacerbated it and caused the loss of 190,000 people in out-migration population loss previous year". Families and businesses across NY should be wary of the term "revenue raisers" - which are unlikely to help their bottom line. Cuomo told him to listen to his entire proposal before taking issue with it, and noted that state education spending is at a record high. Despite freezing temperatures, New Yorkers from around the state met there to protest Governor Cuomo's housing failures.

Overall, Cuomo's budget caps state spending increases at under 2 percent over last year's budget.

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