IPhone battery biting is apparently a thing

Posted January 25, 2018

Taiwan News further adds, "Chinese electronics stores are notoriously replete with fake goods, thus the man was on his own, but obviously chose the wrong way to test its authenticity".

The video has also sparked debates about the unsafe practices of testing phone and batteries in various stories.

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It was reported that the new Apple phone’s batteries were manufactured by Amperex Technology Limited, the same supplier for the faulty Galaxy Note 7 batteries that were later taken off from the market by Samsung. In all likelihood, it would have been a lithium-ion battery, as those are known for being a little volatile and the usual type used as an iPhone battery.

According to Taiwan News, the man went to an electronics store on January 19 for a battery replacement. Because the iPhone battery will explode.

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According to local media, Zurich police said that 50 workers and customers were forced to leave the store, while one fix worker was treated for burns.

The incident happened at an electronics store at an unspecified location in China. A Chinese man learned his lesson the hard way when he wanted to authenticate an iPhone battery before replacing it. Biting is definitely an act of pressure. Luckily, there's a video of such a case from China that resulted in the battery going up in flames. While slowing the iPhone may not have been inexcusable by itself, there was a lack of transparency surrounding the practice, and Apple only recently confirmed that they were throttling performance to protect the battery. Last month, the company said that it will offer battery replacements for $29 rather than the usual $79, which has possibly encouraged more people to replace their devices' batteries. "Maybe we should have been clearer as well, so we deeply apologize for anyone who thinks we have some other kind of motivation".

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