Supersampling, UI Updates, and More

Posted February 07, 2018

PS4 system update 5.50 has entered beta testing, as Sony unveils a host of huge new PlayStation features. Included in the newest PS4 Update 5.50 we'll see play time management, quick menu enhancements, importing custom wallpapers via USB and more.

Those who signed up for the beta will be receiving an e-mail with instructions on how to get the new system firmware. Notifications are sent to children while they're playing, giving them a heads-up on when they should save or quit because their playtime is set to end. The development team also added the option for you to play background music when playing games on PS Now. It's a cinch to operate, requiring you to simply head to Settings Family Management on the PS4, or fire up your PlayStation account on your web browser via a PC or smartphone.

Two new tabs are being added to Library to make it easier for you to see which apps you've installed and purchased.

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The PS Plus tab also gives you a clear indication of the PlayStation Plus games you own, complete with a new lock icon that appears when you no longer subscribe. You'll also be able to access media shortcuts - when using Spotify on the console, for example, opening the Quick Menu and pressing square will allow you to control the volume. Just go to Notifications and press the "triangle" or "OPTIONS" button to open up a menu that will allow you to select a single or multiple notifications you'd like to delete. The latter feature should come in handy if you have a bunch of content you don't plan to revisit.

Background Music on PS Now: This allows one to listen to their favorite tracks while streaming games through PS Now.

The Tournaments team page will be customizable with users' own team logo or background imported from a USB stick. The update brings the PS4 to software version 5.50 and is codenamed KEIJI.

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Most PS4 system updates usually consist of "stability updates". Just go to Settings Themes Select Theme Custom Select Image USB Storage Device. Now, the multinational video game company has made a decision to officially reveal the contents of the next update, which is set to introduce several changes and refinements in the console's user interface, as well as a supersampling mode for the PlayStation 4 Pro that assists those who don't have a TV that supports 4K resolution.

Previously, we had gotten word of a PS4 Pro supersampling feature that will allow users without a 4K TV to see their games rendered at a higher resolution that is then downscaled to the resolution of their TV's display. "Because PS4 Pro's added power and modes benefit different games in different ways, please note that certain games' image clarity may not improve with this new feature".

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