IFixit HomePod Teardown: Speaker "Built Like a Tank"

Posted February 15, 2018

Cupertino's $349 smart speaker hit shelves on Friday.

Apple Music's subscriber count is growing at a faster rate. While the device has been praised for its excellent sound quality, it's been criticized for locking users into Apple's ecosystem - indeed, for the time being, you can only set the smart speaker up if you already own an iOS 11-based device.

What's more, Alam's measurements found the HomePod to provide a "near-perfectly flat frequency response", meaning it stays accurate to a given track without pushing the treble, mids, or bass to an unnatural degree. Apple products work great with the HomePod. Not only is the HomePod a technical marvel, but Apple managed to fit all of the components in the speaker both efficiently and elegantly while still packing in all the necessities. If a second HomePod is placed in the same space, the speakers will recognize each other and automatically deflect and balance their audio to create an immersive, surrounding stereo experience.

While the HomePod is undoubtedly a very nice looking and sounding smart speaker, it is still light years behind the competition. The videos walk users through features including how to use Siri to play music, how to use the HomePod touch controls, and how to adjust the settings.

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You can also see what it's meant to look like. "Overall the sound of the HomePod was a bit muddy compared with what the Sonos One and Google Home Max delivered", St. John wrote.

For me (and my ears), a pair of Sonos One speakers sounds very comparable to HomePod at the same price. And HomePod repeats that algorithmic optimization whenever you move it.

There were a variety of methods that were used to initiate the teardown of the HomePod but they were all improvised and not through in the attempts.

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And I haven't even gotten to how bad Siri is!

In other words, the HomePod truly takes a Beats approach to music. By comparison the Google Home retails at £129 and the Amazon Echo (2nd generation) at £74.99. Still, Spotify remains the most popular music streaming service out there.

If you fall in the Venn Diagram of "hardcore audiophile" and "Apple enthusiast", then maybe the HomePod is for you.

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