Super Mario Odyssey Update Adds Mini Game, Snapshot Filters, And Outfits

Posted February 23, 2018

A content update for Super Mario Odyssey was announced in last month's Mini Direct, set for a release in February, but a firm date wasn't set. To get into balloon world you just have to hunt Luigi down in whatever kingdom you're in and chat to him to get started. Then, you'll have the choice to either hide a balloon, or attempt to find one that other players have already hidden somewhere in the world.

Finding or hiding balloons successfully will award points which increases your rank. That's because the new - and completely free - first dlc for the Nintendo Switch smash hit game looks like it's coming later today.

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You can check the shop to find Musician hat & Musician outfit, Sunshine shades & Sunshine outfit as well as Knight Helmet & Knight Armor. Luigi will show up in each world, whom you can find by using your map as well. He gets particularly confused, in fact, when his brother is wearing the same outfit as himself.

The update also includes new outfits and snapshot filters and Nintendo added that more new outfits will be released in the future. The Find It mode challenges a bunch of players online to find the ones hidden by real human players.

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The names are easy to understand as in Hide It, your goal is to hide the balloon in a location in that particular world so that it is hard to find. Adjustments have been made to the Jump-Rope Challenge along with a number of other areas of the game to make for a more enjoyable experience. If you haven't played Super Mario Odyssey in a bit, you might consider going back to it to check it out.

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